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Hey, haters -- go fuck yourselves

Posted by reuterworld - January 24th, 2019

I don't know who you pathetic losers are, who keep coming into my gallery to drop 1 & 2 stars on my work, but srsly, you can just go fuck yourselves -- you're the saddest sacks of shit ever -- you lame ass shitheads need to go get yourselves a life, ffs...

Comments (2)

Honestly your art isn't bad enough to actually garner hate imo

I went into a few pieces and well, I really didn't see a single hate comment.

Like, your drawing is really solid, sometimes, really good(especially if it's on traditional, from what I've seen)

I am however merely advising you to improve on your shading/colouring (Photoshop really isn't the perfect tool for colouring imo, better to use something like Paint Tool SAI or something like that). I recommend you learn how colour values work and how lighting works as well(since most of the characters you've drawn have WAY too much white shading on them, which obviously doesn't look that natural)

Just my opinion though. If the people who you were calling haters merely people who gave slightly harsh (if not completely destructive) criticism, to refine your art, I really don't know what you're going to think of me for having gone out of my way to give you some help.

Hey, thx for taking the time to reply -- but the haters I'm talking about aren't leaving any comments, they're just coming by my gallery to drop zero & 1 stars on my work -- if they actually left some kind of critique or explanation, then maybe I wouldn't call them haters -- but almost every piece I've put up has been hit w/ low ratings -- I know my work isn't that bad, so the only thing I can think of is that there are a few people [or 1 person, w/ multiple accounts], who are making it their life's mission to come in here & crap on everything I put up -- hell, one of my works doesn't even have a full star, which means at least 3 people gave it a zero, ffs -- &, thx for the critique, but [1] I'm happy w/ PhotoShop, it does what I want, [2] I can't actually do color values, since I'm slightly red/green colorblind, so I'm faking it all the time, every time, & [3] due to #2 above, I don't even try to make things look "natural", I just try to give them a shadow/highlight treatment that at least gives form & volume -- but thx anyway...


@Veloxcene @reuterworld Alright so given your work conditions and slight visual impairments when it comes to colour, I'm making a mild suggestion here.

When you shade or atleast attempt some form of shading, try going for sharp contrasts, not with colour, but with blacks and whites (intensity, I'd say around a 64% dark tone, If you get what I'm conveying) and make the shadows sharp, It overall adds to visual cleanliness.

Or actually, try working on your black and white pencil style. It seems to be something which you've been doing much infrequently than your other style. Because in all honesty, it feels really unique and has a surreal vibe to it, which I get very little on this site (reminder that this is just a suggestion, and that I'm not forcing you into anything that you wouldn't want to push yourself to).

Anyways, glad that I could be of some help to you.